Vision Fiber

    Consulting Support for Nonwood Fiber Projects

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General Services Overview

Our goal is to help you identify project goals that are economically viable and achievable.

We can:

  • Provide an overview of the characteristics of various nonwood fibers
  • Analyze project resources and identify needs
  • Propose meaningful actions to advance projects from concept to reality


Vision Fiber has over 15 years of experience working with private farmers, farmers cooperatives, research organizations, and State and National Agricultural Departments.    
Product Definition
Vision Fiber takes an approach to projects that differs from other consultant options.  Our philosophy is market based.  The first step is to define the product or range of products to be produced, and then to verify that they are marketable, financially viable, and that they can be functionally competitive.
Project Structuring
Based upon an initial "free" consultation, Vision Fiber will respond with a proposal for services that meet the needs and fits the resources of your project. The "free" consultation is generally a thirty minute phone call (conference call) which focuses on the general aspects of the project, and includes enough discussion to enable VF to make a responsive proposal for services.  Please review a sample "Short Term Consulting Agreement."  We are always open to discussing any particular terms and conditions, but we are not able to spend valuable resources on a project without adequate compensation.