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About Us

Vision Fiber is the consulting arm of KP Products Inc.  We are closely affiliated with Vision Paper, the leading producer of kenaf based nonwood printing and writing papers.  We are unique in the area of nonwood consulting for the following reasons:

1. We have over 15 years of experience making and selling kenaf based paper products.

2. We are business oriented first, consultants second.  If your project does not make good business sense to us, we will let you know.

3. We know how to work with farmers, and have hands on experience with kenaf and other nonwoods.

4. We have worked with over 10 different pulp and paper mills producing our kenaf paper products.  We understand safety, efficiency, unions, environmental and economic issues.

5. We know that any project must be fundamentally sound from a financial perspective.

6. We specialize in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.), and also have extensive experience working with wheat straw, flax, hemp and other nonwood fibers as well as recycled waste paper and wood fibers.

7. With over 20 years of involvement in the field of environmentally and economically sound pulp, paper and energy project development, we encourage you to explore our capabilities and experience.

Our Mission

To provide expert support to qualified projects to maximize the potential for success.

Company Profile

Thomas A. Rymsza is the primary consultant for all current projects.  Mr. Rymsza is an internationally recognized kenaf expert, and has consulted and spoken in the USA, Japan, China, Amsterdam, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Vision Fiber is experienced in working with the entire product development process.  We can help define products and markets, agricultural processes and supply chain logistics.  We can provide guidance and implementation of economically and environmentally viable processes to convert the raw material into the finished product.  And we can help you quickly define the probability of success for your nonwood fiber based project.

Our extensive network of international contacts and colleagues is a valuable asset for projects in different stages of development.   Our associations with the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), the American Kenaf Association, the Japan Kenaf Association and the Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops has allowed us to establish relationships with nonwood experts from around the world.

We can help with multiple areas of project development, and can assume a leadership role for qualified projects.  We are astute to local political situations, economic development opportunities and processes, business plan development issues and financial realities.

Contact Information

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