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    Consulting Support for Nonwood Fiber Projects

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Our website is intended to introduce you to our approach to project development, and to give you a sense of the range of services we can offer.  With over 15 years of experience working with kenaf and allied fibers, we can efficiently help you identify key assets and challenges for your contemplated project.

If you are interested in approaching us for help with your project, please read below, and explore our entire website.  We ask you to also understand that we get frequent requests for advice and specific details of processes, equipment, and other industry specific information.  It is necessary for us to limit the amount of free advice we can provide, and to avoid situations where we expend resources when there is no possibility of a business relationship.

Terms of Engagement

    Initial Consultation Session

Vision Fiber will typically devote up to thirty minutes (30 min) of "free" phone consultation to your project team to establish an understanding of your project's goals and resources.  To make this session as productive as possible, we suggest the following;

        1. Send us an email of introduction identifying your contact information, and a description of your projects goals and location.  The more details you are comfortable providing, the more productive our initial discussion can be.

        2. Vision Fiber will respond to your email and advise you about our interest in your project.  If your project is one which we believe we can be helpful with we will arrange for a phone conference to discuss the details further.  If your project does not fit with our capabilities, we will advise you of that in our response.

        3. Based upon a positive outcome of the initial telephone conference, Vision Fiber will make a proposal for Short Term Consulting Services as described below. 

    Short Term Consulting Agreement (click to see a sample)

The process of developing a business relationship is one in which the parties to any agreement get to know each other and establish that there is a potential for a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Vision Fiber is highly interested in projects wherein we can share in some way the benefits of the business.  In order for any such business relationship to develop, a face to face meeting or series of meetings should occur wherein mutual understandings can occur and both parties can feel comfortable that working together will have long term benefits.

Because it is not always the case that such meetings and discussions will result in a long term relationship, Vision Fiber has developed a process wherein the parties can meet and begin to share information to determine the likelihood of a long term relationship.  The Short Term Consulting Agreement is a way that allows Vision Fiber to share information about kenaf and other nonwood fibers, and achieve a good understanding of your project and it's potential for success.  It is also a way for you to become familiar with Vision Fiber and determine if we are suited to your projects' needs.

    Developing a Business Relationship

Based on the results of the short term consulting agreement, a decision can be made regarding what the next logical steps could be.  Vision Fiber is open to many possible next steps including, but not limited to;

    Extending the Consulting Agreement for a longer period of time;

    Entering into a more comprehensive business agreement for technology sharing;

    Entering into a project development agreement which could be anything from a joint venture to a simple off-take/sales agreement. 

    The possibilities are many and we are open minded about structure and control.