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Whether you are planning to work with kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) or another nonwood fiber crop, the assurance of a secure, long-term supply of seed is critical.

Vision Fiber can arrange long-term seed contracts for kenaf and certain other nonwood fiber crops.  While we generally maintain a few thousand kilograms of various kenaf seed varieties, qualified projects will require that a long-term secure supply of quality seeds will be available at a reasonable price.

Seed quality is an important ingredient to the success of any project.  The best varieties and agricultural practices vary by climate and soil conditions.  We can assist in determining the best varieties for a given geographical area. 

Seed quality is generally determined by germination rate, emergence rate, and vigor. More is discussed in the section on Agriculture.


        Hibiscus cannabinus (Kenaf)                                   Crotalaria juncea (Sunn Hemp)