Vision Fiber

    Consulting Support for Nonwood Fiber Projects

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We can help you develop structure for your project!

Tell us about your situation.

  • Do you have access to land?
  • Do you have Government or Corporate assistance?
  • Are you exploring the potential economic/social/environmental benefits of nonwood fibers?

How we can help

Feasibility Studies
We can produce preliminary "go - no go" economic feasibility opinions for your project.  These can be simple three to five page documents based upon phone interviews and general input from you and your associates.  We can also perform more comprehensive analysis based upon site visits and meetings with the principal parties involved with your project.
Action Plans
We can assist you in developing a targeted "Action Plan" that gets your project moving in the right direction immediately.  Examples of immediate actions include:
        1. Test plots if you haven't already started them. 
        2. Business plan development, including assistance with editing, and key components.  We can also assist with grant writing, and investor proposals.
We can interact with engineering, environmental, and financial considerations to provide you with the best chance for project timeliness.  We can assume consultative or project management responsibilities, depending on your needs.