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Product Definition.

The growing of a kenaf or other nonwood fiber crop is probably the simplest part of any project.  Growing kenaf or other nonwood fiber crops the right way is determined by the end product definition and the process steps required to produce the product.  Since there are many products that can be produced from kenaf, we place end product definition at the front of the evaluation process.  

  • What is the desired end product?
  • What manufacturing steps are needed to produce that product?
  • Who is going to buy the end product?


Vision Fiber has witnessed multiple projects that lack a clear understanding of the three questions listed above.  We can assist you by making suggestions that will lead to economically viable answers to the above questions.

Defining the End Products
Kenaf and other nonwood fibers can be used to make a wide variety of final products, from pulp and paper, to composites.  Particle board, plastic fillers, bioremediation aids, automobile components, and biofuels are just some of the possibilities.
Manufacturing Steps
End product specifications can be defined so that the appropriate manufacturing equipment can be specified.  Vision Fiber is familiar with various mechanical and chemical processes that are cost effective, environmentally sound, and reliable. 
Market Studies
Vision Fiber can provide assistance or perform market studies based upon the end products and geographical location of your project.