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In general, kenaf and other nonwood fibers are relatively easy to grow. The objective is to grow the fiber in the most cost-efficient manner and to produce the qualities that are suitable for the projects end products.

A short list of the factors to consider includes:

    1. Climate - Conditions such as seasonal and annual rainfall, daily and nightly temperatures, humidity and elevation all must be taken into consideration.

    2. Soil - the type of soil and historic use, pests, weeds and soil bourn parasites need to be understood to achieve the best results.

    3. Land Use Issues - The cultural traditions, existing crops and budgets, and the involvement of local farmers, farmers cooperatives, or project controlled farming all need to be considered.

    4. Field Operations - Field preparation regimes, fertilizer, row spacing and seeding rate, and available equipment and harvesting methods all factor into costs and end product suitability.

    5. Variety  Selection - Choosing which of the various types of kenaf or other nonwood crops to grow requires an understanding of the above items, and the end product requirements. Two significantly different varieties of kenaf are shown side by side in the picture on this page.

Vision Fiber is well qualified to assess potential project locations and offer advice on which techniques will provide the best chance for success.